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What is business development? How is it different than Marketing?

Which do you need? Where do they overlap?

We hear the words marketing and business development used interchangeably all the time. Your firm may even have a marketing director who wears both hats. But the truth is that marketing and business development efforts are quite different and usually require a different set of skills and experience.

Business development is about making connections. It’s about persuading the client to buy your services. It’s prospecting (think networking and golf events), qualifying leads and then converting those leads into clients. Business development is about creating relationships.

Marketing is about identifying your key differentiators, developing your message and positioning. Think advertising, branding, email marketing, event marketing and social media.

How do they overlap? Marketing, is the backbone of sales and business development. Once you have identified a potential new client, your marketing efforts can’t top. Marketing needs to be able to provide business development with the tools they need to convert a lead into a client (brochures, slide decks, and various branded materials). True business development may include one-on-one meetings, lunches, golf outings, personal emails, phone calls, conferences and many more touch points.

Which do you need? Marketing is an essential piece to developing a business development strategy. Likewise, your marketing strategy should be built with your business development goals in mind. Separately, they complement the other and they depend on each other – but that doesn’t make them the same.

We understand the importance of networking and building new relationships

Our approach is to help you make those connections and keep you focused by providing creative ways to stay connected to your targeted clients. 

Services include:

  • Strategy Development and Implementation

  • Client Research

  • Scheduling Appointments

  • Staff Training on Sales Techniques

  • CRM Development and Management

  • Client Debriefings

  • Lead Development 

  • On-Call Chief Marketing Officer

Call us TODAY!

Dornblaser Marketing offers a fresh perspective on the effectiveness of your business development and marketing efforts. Do your efforts truly support your business plan, and are they the wisest use of your marketing dollar?

We will examine your current business develop goals, firm’s strength and weaknesses, procedures, tracking systems, output, and results. Are the right people involved in marketing and business development? Do you have warm leads, but need sales training to help convert them into client’s? Are your collateral pieces used properly by your staff and are they well-received by your audience? We will take an objective look at your marketing and business development efforts and recommend a plan of action to enhance the firm’s performance.

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