It's not about your firm's experience with the client, it's about the client's experience with your firm!


Do know what differentiates you from the pack? Maybe its time to find out.

Our client surveys are done either by phone or in person! We have completed over 1100 client phone surveys ranging from annual surveys, project close-out surveys, and won/lost debriefings. 


This month is a great time to get client feedback and start formulating your plans for 2018. So don't delay.

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Industry research says it takes 10-15 times more marketing dollars to win work from a new client than an existing one and that profit margins from existing clients can be significantly higher than from new clients. So why is your best client only giving you a 7? That’s where a client satisfaction survey can help. 

In today’s competitive market, most firms have the technical expertise to win the work and Owners know that. We also know Owners are looking for key indicators on how a firm differentiates itself from the competition. Things like corporate culture, websites, social media, involvement in the community are now just as important during the selection process as is, communication, predictable budgets and schedule performance.  Of course, it is easy to say that your clients get nothing but the best service and communication from you, but how do you really know and what aren’t they really telling you?


That’s where we come in. We’ve found that asking your clients for feedback shows you really do care about the relationship. Our client surveys are done either by phone or in person! We have completed over 1100 client phone surveys ranging from annual surveys, project close-out surveys, and won/lost debriefings. We have found that we gain much more detailed information from phone surveys.


We’ll work with you to target the right people and develop a customize survey of specific questions. Depending on your organization, you may need different surveys for different business segments or for clients involved in active vs past projects. In most cases, we will discuss with you each of the specific clients to be surveyed and any issues or concerns you may want us to find out about.


Some of the items we will discuss include:


  1. We’ll uncover what your clients love about you (so you can give them more of the same).

  2. We’ll identify even the smallest of things that may bug them (so you deal with that before it becomes a big thing).

  3. We’ll discuss your project team’s communication with the client. (And we’ll share this with your project team).

  4. We’ll talk about the competition.

  5. We’ll find out about future work opportunities and/or opportunities to cross-sell services.

  6. We’ll talk about social media and websites.

  7. And so much more.


Our typical phone surveys take anywhere from 15-45 minutes and sometimes even longer.  Survey questions include a mix of multiple choice, numeric rating and open- ended questions. We typically warm-up the clients with some easy questions before leading into questions that require more insight.


The feedback you receive will let you quickly take action (as needed), and quantify your firm’s excellence for upcoming proposals. Additionally, we’ll be able to work with you to get your satisfied clients to become “advocates” for your firm and maybe even help you pursue new clients!


Have you ever lost a project because of a client reference? 

Maybe your best client only gives you a score of 7 out of 10 even though they always tell you “how great your firm is.”  

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