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If you’re lost in a maze of marketing and business development projects with no help in sight, maybe its time to call in help.  

I’ve been in the professional services industry for 30 years and I’ve become an expert at juggling a multitude of tasks. From writing RFP’s, leading presentations, doing business development, creating websites, blasting out social media, designing collateral materials and putting together ribbon cutting events, I’ve done it all. And most of it at the same time!!

And you know what? I love it. From research to writing proposals, it’s the thrill of the pursuit

that I find so challenging and rewarding. I started my business back in 2001 to help small and

mid-size firms that basically couldn’t afford someone with my level of experience. And

because of my extensive experience with professional service firms, I understand the

importance of keeping my clients BILLABLE. 

As an expert proposal writer, I take the burden off principals and technical staff by leading

the process, writing content, developing project specific resumes and project experience

sheets, coordinating consultants and even hand delivering the final product to the Owner,

on time!!

I’m extremely proactive. I can schedule your presentation kick-off and rehearsals, develop your layout, design animations and even coach your presentation team. Printing and binding leave-behinds, done!

Need research? A marketing plan? Trade show management? I’ve got you covered!

Need me to work off-site? Want me in the office to lead marketing and sales meetings weekly? I’m there when you need me!

The best part about working with me is that I can hit the ground running with just about anything you throw at me. 


As your on-call marketing specialist, I will enhance the efforts of your leadership team — offering strategic approaches, insights on industry best practices, creative techniques and processes, and direct feedback — all within the context of your company. I will also be an available resource to your business development and marketing team, to ensure clarity of purpose and effective follow-through. No time for marketing or business development? Does your firm need senior-level marketing insight, but you just don’t have the money for an experienced full-time leader? As a result, good stuff may be slipping through the cracks. Further, when you’re busy leading your own company, it’s not easy to research RFPs, write proposals, get client debriefings, conduct business development and everything else that an experience marketing and business development professional like myself can do for you. 

So how does it work? CALL ME!! 813-690-4983. I work with my clients in a variety of ways. 


  1. Per project. Say you just need a proposal or a brochure. 

  2. Consulting. Say you need more like outsourcing your entire marketing department for the year, or even for 3-months while your marketing manager is on maternity leave.

How much does it cost? Every one of my clients is different. I work with mom and pops as well as national firms. I take a look at your needs beginning with a marketing audit and based on the results, I develop a cost-effective approach to help you win more work!!


Results. Repeat clients are my best results. Oh, and winning proposals!! In the past 3-years my hit rate with proposals has averaged 89%. And when you factor in the cost versus your results (increased revenue), you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

Need help but not sure how much? Contact me for a consultation and free marketing audit.
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