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You've made the shortlist, now what?

First off, Don't Panic! We've got your back.  From developing content to delivering a clear message effectively as team, we can help you craft a project specific presentation that makes the selection committee say, "Wow! I want this team on my next project."

It seems odd that clients place so much weight on presentations that most technical staff are not good at. And to boot, they give you 30 minutes or less to tell them how you will do it.  So what is the purpose of the presentation? They already know your qualifications. They read it in your proposal. Most owners tell us its about chemistry. Its about their trust in you and your team compatibility with them as well as the behavior with each member of the project team.  Clients want a team that is as excited and passionate about their project as they are.

A shortlist interview isn't about a single speaker, it is about a team coming together to communicate a compelling and persuasive  approach to the Owners project.

So how do your differentiate yourself?  Let's face it; design and construction firms all say the same thing. And any of the shortlisted firms are capable of doing the project.  Sometimes what seems like a small thing can have a significant impact. The secret is knowing what is important to the selection committee and communicating your commitment to meeting their needs and addressing their concerns. In tandem with preparing your proposal, we've already done a lot of the research on the owner, selection committee, competition and project. And now its time to verbally and visually communicate it. 

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse.

We can't say it enough.

Making the shortlist but falling short on the presentation? We can help.

Many firms spend their time in front of a selection committee focusing on the wrong information.

We can help you deliver the right presentation and even coach your team members to overcome nervousness and work as a team.

Our services include:

  • Development and Strategy  

  • Design and Content Layout

  • Animation/Sketch-up

  • Rehearsals

  • Public Speaking Training

Tight deadline? Don't worry. We've got this. 

Call us TODAY!

Would you pay hundreds of dollars to see a Broadway play where the actors came out and read from a script? Heck no! So why is it that A/E/C firms place so little importance on the value of rehearsing? We get it. You're billable, out on a job site, or just not good at presentations. Whatever the reason, without practice you'll only be thinking about yourself and struggling for words. Delivering a great presentation is a learnable skill but one that takes practice. And as a team spending time together will help you to develop that human connection and allow you to focus on the needs of the owner.

Always remember that your presentation should focus on the client’s requirements and not on you.

Take a moment to consider the content of your presentation. Whatever you do, do not just repeat what has been said in the proposal. Remember, the goal is to stand out, not fit in. Don't follow the crowd.

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