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Marketing is like a game of chess

There's a beginning game, middle game and end game. Every move counts and you keep score with the firm's money, talent and time. The difference is, this game is only fun when we win.

Marketing strategy is one of those things where an outside consultant can be a real asset. The truth is, many firms have a hard time thinking strategically. You want to focus on your vision and operations. And strategic plans can look more like tactical plans, which is why a lot of firms bring in an outside consultant to help with strategic planning. But a marketing plan is no different! That's where we come in. 

Bringing in outside help can provide a unique, unbiased perspective and identify things that your firm’s leaders might not otherwise notice. With the right focus and approach, we can help your firm refine and improve its marketing strategy and position your firm for long-term success.


Strategy is key to your firm’s success

A strategic marketing plan is composed of goals that support your company vision, accompanied by measurable action items. It examines potential markets with consideration towards maturity level, opportunity, and realistic fit. It identifies the gap between where you want to go — market entry, exit, expansion — and your current position within that market. It recognizes client decision-making criteria, your firm’s differentiator's, and methods for growing business with both new and existing clients.

  • Market Research
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Marketing Plans
  • Budget Development
  • Mission & Vision
  • Positioning
  • Marketing Calendars
  • Information Management
  • Staff Training
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