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Do your proposals standout from the competition?

You've spent months, maybe years, getting in front of the client and now it all comes down to the final step, responding to the RFP.

From RFP strategy sessions and content development to template design and submittal preparation, a solid submittal can get shortlisted and seal the deal.  To go after that special project win, your typical approach and boilerplate material won’t do. That's where we come in.


As specialists in proposal management, we can assist you in formulating a defined proposal strategy that includes developing a strategic team, positioning before the submittal, developing a proposal theme that sets you apart and communicates your differences, and then carry that into a successful project interview.

Throughout the process, we work with you to solicit the required information. This may include your technical approach, methodologies, management plans, key personnel, team arrangements, past performance, and price/cost, etc., as well as specific acknowledgements, addendums, and other documents.

From start to finish, we manage the process:

  1. Review the solicitation, determine needs, plan for winning and schedule.

  2. Develop effective themes, value propositions and strategies for winning.

  3. Coordinate with internal team members.

  4. Obtain information from outside team members.

  5. Provide drafts of each section throughout the process.

  6. Write, rewrite, edit content.

  7. Complete a highly-competitive proposal with call-outs, images, charts and graphs.

Our knowledge of Local, State and Federal agencies and their proposal requirements is quite extensive. Whether its Design, Construction Management, Design Build, Joint Venture or P3, we've got the expertise to help you set your submission apart from the competition. 

  • Proposals

  • Statements of Qualifications

  • Go/No Go Process

  • Win-theme Development

  • Copywriting

  • Proofreading

  • Letters of Interest

  • Capability Statements

  • Resumes

  • Project Sheets

  • Presentations

  • Client Debrief

Click on the image above for a sample of a recent response to an RFP.

Don't risk having your proposal rejected. Let us help.

Have you experienced rejection of your proposal based on a technicality, minor omission, or formatting requirement; perhaps it was written in a hurry. Let us help.


Our proposal writing services will  ensure that all of the requirements are met, the instructions followed, the evaluation criteria addressed, and the required documents included while being well written with a professional polish and delivered within the deadline. 


Tight deadline? Don't worry. We've got this. 

Call us TODAY!


Not getting shortlisted? Want to take your proposals to the next level?  Send us your proposal for a free, confidential review. We'll provide you with written feedback that will help increase your future win rates.

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