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Public relations is made up of many working parts that build a positive image of your business in the eyes of your community.  

How you communicate inside and outside of your organization, events you plan, your involvement in the community, and even how you handle a crisis make up your public relations strategy. Having a strategy in place can keep these efforts organized and create the image you want for your business. Depending on the size of your firm, we can craft a strategy that fits your needs and promotes your image.

Corporate Communications

How your business communicates with the public, both internally and externally, creates its voice. Corporate communications uses its voice to express important messages in a way your audience will understand. For example, internal emails or press releases about a new project are part of your communications strategy.

Media Relations

Although social media has changed the way we receive our information, press releases are still an important communication tool. And to ensure your firm is portrayed well by the media, you must develop a relationship with the right contact person at each news outlet. A successful media relations plan is essential to generating the right kind of publicity for your brand. No matter how large or small your organization, the relationships you cultivate with the media are among the most valuable for promoting public awareness and increasing your bottom line.

Community Relations

When a company makes a commitment to the community part of its core business strategy, it not only helps attract and retain top employees, but it also positions itself positively among customers and, increasingly, improves its position in the market. Positive, proactive connections to the community can translate into a boost to the bottom line.

Event Management

Planning an event is an equally exciting and stressful time. You have to consider where and when the event might be, who will attend, will there be food? Do I need programs? Who will speak?  Having us manage your event can ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible.

Crisis Management

Although its something we think our firms will never need, (crossing your fingers), having a crisis plan in place allows your business to operate smoothly and preserve your image. Internal communications help employees stay aware during an unexpected situation and external communications can show the public your are working on keeping the situation under control. Whether your firm is large or small, the least you can do is be prepared.

A good public relations plan can build a positive image of your business. Having a strategy in place can help you create the image your want for your firm.

Need help with a Groundbreaking? Photo shoot? We can help.

  • Corporate Communications

  • Press Releases

  • Awards Submissions

  • Speech Writing

  • Photo Shoot Coordination

  • Event Management

  • Crisis Management

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